About the Þursian Tradition of Abgrundjaskalkaz

Updated: Feb 18

This article was published on behalf of Abgrundjaskalkaz. The frequent use of the word "we" in the course of this article might suggest, that we (Spiritual Outlaw) are Abgrundjaskalkaz, which we are not! If you want to get more information about Abgrundjaskalkaz, there is a contact E-Mail address below.

Abgrundjaskalkaz is a Þursian Männerbund that has been founded in Sweden in the early 2000s, by individuals who approached the Þursian current around the mid 90s. Since then, only two books have been released to the public: “Dark Germanic Heathenism” (2003) and “Abgrundjabokiz - Ainaz” (2008). By the time of release of the latter, the system presented in “Dark Germanic Heathenism” was already outdated. A completely holistic system was therefore developed, according to Loki's spiritual quest and liberation, strictly on the basis of mythological sources, spiritual research (folk-traditions, history, archaeology and linguistic etymology) and practice (more below).

For many years Abgrundjaskalkaz has kept all of their internal workings hidden before the eyes of others. The reason why we are going into the public now, is, because there is a lot of material being published by people who superficially know about the tradition and/or dilute the essence of what we are believing in and live for. Also some claim full authority over a current that has never been theirs. Therefore we are forced to take action.

What mostly differentiates the tradition lived and practiced by Abgrundjaskalkaz from other Þursian currents can be explained easily:

  • We are working with a holistic pathworking system. This involves every aspect of life and the Beyond. It’s not just the practice of some rituals to achieve specific goals or get in contact with the deities, but a complete system as guideline within our lives, to understand one’s true individual purpose and integrate the Þursian tradition in every aspect of our being. It’s focusing on a complete shift of awareness towards the truth that lies behind the visible reality. This also involves the development of magical abilities through techniques like Séta, Rúnir, Blót, Skáldskapr, Galdr, Ákalla hin Dauðu (necromancy), Ódr, Seiðr, Sjálfsfórn (self sacrifice). Living a spiritual life does not mean to create surroundings according to an individual’s taste, but to develop an all-over awareness, that transcends surroundings, comfort, security and beauty.

  • There are not always mythological or historical sources for all kinds of ritual- and magical practice in the Germanic current. Instead of filling these gaps with practices of other, non-Indo-European traditions, like the (pre-) Abrahamitic, of which most of western magic sprung from, we rely on developing practices of other Indo-European traditions like Celtic, Slavic and Greco-Roman ones but also those that have been proven to work for thousands of years, e.g. the Vedic, (pre-) Buddhism, Tantricism and Shamanism. These traditions not only have a high spiritual value, but they are mythologically closely connected to our own. The similarities in the myths don’t just connect on a superficial basis, but are even obvious in minor myths. These practices were carefully refined towards our Þursian current.

The holistic system that Abgrundjaskalkaz works with involves:

  1. Brandawegiz: The external path. The opening of the nine locks of Sinmara’s chest. A system to direct one’s life on the path of liberation, wisdom and the achieving of magical abilities, by following Loki’s’ fiery path. It’s dealing with experiencing external reality and our lives in a way, that has an effect on the inner (esoteric) qualities of ourselves. This also involves the understanding of oneselves’ birth given capabilities and potential, as well as energetic potential for practices within the current through Stjörnurím (Þursian astrology).

  2. Wurmawegiz: The internal path. The rising of Nidhöggr within oneself, the opening of the worlds and reunion of Nidhöggr with Hræsvelgr to become One with the essence of Nothingness. It’s a transformation- and purification process that serves the re-creation of Aurgelmir/Ymir within oneself, as a physical representation of the qualities of Ginnungagap. A practice that shares many similarities with the Tantric Kundalini - Shakti and Chakra system, but is completely independent.

Much of this information will be published in the future, in free articles and in books. Contact: abgrundjaskalkaz@protonmail.com