First charge is limited to 50 copies. A4 format on Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308 g/qm paper.

The icon represents Loki in his final aspect Hveðrungr, the fiery rarer, who has unlocked his flaming sword Lævateinn, after he became enlightened through the serpents venom and was purified by the essence of Eitr, by the gates of Ginnungagap. He is the avatar that returned into the realm of the living, instead of becoming one with Nothingness, to guide the path towards liberation for those who awoke their Thursian self.

In one hand he holds Lævateinn, in the other the roosters tail feather, with which he opened the final lock.

Above him shines Lokabrenna ("Loki's burning), the Scandinavian name of the star Sirius. The star has 9 streams of light represented by according bindrunes, of which each correlates to one of the nine locks of Sinmara's chest. Before him lie 9 broken chains, symbolizing Loki's overcoming of the locks and the de-creation of his Ego.

Hveðrungr stands as the shining idol above all other aspects of Loki: Completely free, representing the whole of the antinomian spiritual path towards liberation.


The fine art prints will be delivered in thick, high quality, padded envelopes with additional precautions for safe delivery.

Loki - Hveðrungr Altar Icon

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