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Samlag - The Path of ᚦursian Sexual Sorcery - by Ljóssál Loðursson


Samlag is a transmission and instruction on sex magic within the ᚦursian current.
It explores the mysteries of Gullveig's heart from the perspective of Loki and how to access them through the generation of magical elixirs or Hugsteinnar, which have the ability to summon different entities and spirits of primordial and antinomian nature.
Samlag teaches how to develop the Jotunmóð - the wrath of the giants - to awaken the inner dragon and with it the spiritual abilities of sacred sex, from the processes of the magic of results - or thaumaturgy - to the higher impulses that expand consciousness or theurgy.

PRE ORDER - Samlag - The Path of ᚦursian Sexual Sorcery

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